Brandon Locher is a busy man. He is the co-founder of My Idea of Fun, a collective of musicians, visual artists, filmmakers, and writers based out of Johnstown, PA. Since 2006 he has documented and digitized more than 50 releases under various monikers and using various artistic mediums.

On October 1st, Locher will release the LP It Happens Outside under the name The Meets.


It Happens Outside is composed of a rotating live performance and recording ensemble directed and produced by Locher. The Meets consists of nearly two dozen musicians playing and sampling acoustic and electronic instruments over an electronically created sound collage. 80% of the sounds on the album are organic, taken from field-recordings.


By putting together a great array of sounds, Locher has created an experimental album that mixes various genres, moods and sounds creating what could be someone’s colorful and chaotic dream. Each sample is perfectly placed and the compositions have an organic feel. It’s an album you should dig your brain into. Listen to the voices of many people as they merge into one flawless piece of excellent experimental music.


You can listen to 3 tracks from the upcoming LP below.