Stage Hands

Self titled debut album, Stage Hands is a colorful journey though the sometimes digital paralysis we live in. Stage Hands is comprised of multimedia artist/producer Brandon Locher and drummer/producer Gerald Mattis. They will be playing Silent Barn, in Brooklyn Tonight! We strongly encourage you to stop by.

Stage Hands offers up a soundscape to the language of coding it’s a musical sphere with plenty of light. The delicate nuanced beats and drum sequences give it soul that would otherwise leave it grey and bleak. The tracks Regardless and #unabomber, featuring Matt Miller are a welcomed surprise adding texture and layered up vocal elements. This album is a lush, glitchy, and a mechanical vibration cruise your ears should most definitely indulge in.

The official release of Stage Hands is Feburary 10, Tuesday, by My Idea of Fun a music and art archive out of Johnstown, PA. Stage Hands is available on vinyl and digital formats. Buy, share and enjoy!