This EP is beautifully crafted it’s delicate, simple and refreshing. I’m a big fan of ethereal vocals over interesting beats. It’s got that and more… guitar, proper drums, and do I hear a violin on the track Genesis? I think so. You can tell straight away Sølsync are inspired by the likes of Radiohead and Portishead…two of my favorites.



Poppy Shrimpton wrote all the lyrics. I find that particularly impressive because they aren’t cheesy or sophomoric for a teenager. In fact, I think they are deeply authentic and quite moving. Shrimpton is an observer of life, probably the type that sits there quietly sometimes even unnoticed, but taking it ALL in.

The other half of Sølsync is Alessandro Sacco, he is the effects master, mixing and editing everything himself. These two met in Rome originally. A band Sacco was in at the time was so impressed with Shrimpton’s cover of Radioheads Street Spirit that she posted Youtube they flew her out to collaborate on an album together. However, after months of collaborating a division was made musically and Sacco and Shrimpton became a duo. And so Sølsync was born.



I think these two are onto something and I wish them luck in the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition.