Music can confront and make you feel uncomfortable. At the same time, it can also give you a great sense of relief and serenity. Manchester, UK based band MONEY is certainly good at doing both.

Their debut album The Shadow Of Heaven is an emotional effort capable of touching the deepest parts of your soul, if you really listen.

The Shadow Of Heaven unfolds slowly, creating a gentle atmosphere with tiny glimpses of light, making its way through the immense darkness. So deeply personal, this album at times feels detached and introverted. It is private experience filled with feelings you would normally rather not share.

With the opening track “So Long (God Is Dead)” the band sets a melancholy mood and maintains it throughout the entire album.

Gentle riffs and beats are carefully drafted and collated into harmonic compositions with heartfelt vocals and moving lyrics.




The Shadow Of Heaven is a story of love and loss, at times abstract and at times direct and profoundly touching.


I find myself really enjoying this album, listening to it late at night while reflecting on life.  With a perfect flow and changing levels of intensity,  The Shadow Of Heaven keeps me interested through its entirety and brings a strange sense of tranquility and relief.



Favorite songs:  “Who’s Going To Love You Now”, “Letter To Yesterday”, “Cold Water”