This list comes from the very bottom of my heart and brings tears to my eyes. NOT REALLY. This list comes from my iTunes and from the top of my head. These are 2014 albums that I’ve been listening to obsessively.


Emma Ruth RundleSome Heavy Ocean

Some Heavy Ocean is Rundle’s first solo effort and it’s a beauty!  Her heartfelt vocals, the way she channels her emotions, her masterful guitar playing, and haunting lyrics are perfectly colliding on this album, making it a stunning and deeply personal statement.


HabitsUnselves In Arrival

If you haven’t listened to Habits, you are missing out. Unselves in Arrival is the album I’ve recommended to every person I know. Have a listen!  It will make you happy, it will trip you out.


SwansTo Be Kind

Do yourself a favor and take some time to listen to this album. Pay attention to how many times Michael Gira uses the word LOVE. This album is LOVE and it is a pure sonic bliss.


Le ButcherettesCry Is For The Flies

Le Butcherettes is one of the most exciting bands in the contemporary music scene, and if you’ve seen them live, you know exactly what I am talking about. The energy this band has is out this world. It’s raw, it’s in your face, and it’s memorizing.


Antemasque – Antemasque

I was so happy when Omar and Cedric started writing music together again. These two have some great chemistry going on and Antemasque is a better reunion than I could ever hope for.



Damon Albarn – Everyday Robots

I think I cried while listening to Every Robots for the first time. It took Albarn 23 years to release a solo album and he has put his heart and soul into it.  If this album doesn’t move you on any level, you might be dead.


Dot HackerHow Is Your Process? (Work)

I love Dot Hacker’s antics and I love Josh Klinghoffer’s voice and all its flawlessness. With How Is Your Process? (Work) the band has significantly expended and diversified their sound, reaching new sonic horizons.


Young Fathers Dead

I’ve been following this Scottish trio for a while and they only seem to be getting better. Young Fathers’ latest album Dead is their best effort to date, both sonically and lyrically.



Warpaint’s latest effort is a sonic and lyrical meltdown (in a good way of course).

This album really hits home for me.

Another year is almost over! It’s been real!


Cheers and THANK YOU!