It’s been a hell of a year for me. I got a new job, moved – said goodbye to Manhattan and hello to Brooklyn, my Dad got diagnosed with Cancer, then my Nan died, and I went and got knocked up. I am currently cooking a bun in the oven… What a year!

With that said here are 10 tracks that inspired, got me all nostalgic and even made me laugh.


JUNGLE – Lucky I Got What I Want

The tracks Platoon and The Heat are far more popular, but this is a sweet track. I think it’s beautiful. “Don’t you…forget about me, I won’t ” –  I like the lyrics. Definitely one of my favorite gigs of the year too. They performed in a cool venue in Brooklyn, WARSAW it’s basically a Polish Recreation Centre that they rent out for shows and even Movies.

Jungle – Lucky I got what I want (Unofficial Video) from Ryan Celsius on Vimeo.




Majical CloundzLove Soul

How simple is this? Yet, it moves me beyond words. You must see these guys live. YOU MUST! I was brought to tears twice.




King Kruel – A Lizard State

All right, All right….this came out in 2013. I know, but this was on heavy rotation for me this year. I think Archy Marshall, is super cool. There’s a lot going on here jazz, hip hop, even punk. I can’t wait to hear what else he has up his sleeve. I just might end up calling my kid Archy….



Chet FakerDrop the Game

Shit starts to get real when you are faced with the realization your loved ones will eventually die. That’s heavy. You start to think. What really matters? Drop the game people, get a big dose of The Real.



Sylvan EssoCoffee

Sometimes it’s the minutiae of life that can actually hold your shit together…like rubbing my dogs belly every morning before I get dressed for work. It really starts my day off on the right foot.



Damon AlbarnLonely Press Play

This track is gorgeous. I’ve cried many times to this. To me this guy can do no wrong. I’m sure to like anything he does. It was magic seeing him in June at The Governors Ball NYC Festival.



Matisyahu – Broken Car

What’s not to like about this New York native. He’s like a Jewish Bob Marley…kinda.



JamesWalk Like You 

I’ve been a fan of James for years. Like most British people I know the lyrics to Laid (their most famous track) word for word. They haven’t had a major success here in the States, but they are a staple English band. Full of witty lyrics and life affirming depth. Love’em.



K.FlayWishing it Was You

I’ve written about her before. She’s a rapper and producer with smarts, Stanford smarts baby! This track makes me laugh it’s cheeky and reminds me of when I was in college. Aimless, partying too hard, and trying to figure out this thing called life.



Jamie T – Don’t You Find

It took me a few plays to appreciate this track. I was hoping for the Jamie T circa 2009 angrier and gritty. He grew up and I appreciate how he changed it up musically. If your not familiar with Jamie T, check out the track Sticks’n Stones.