Seattle, WA based Kylmyys began as an ambient electronic duo providing background music for art galleries. Over time Kylmyys’ sound evolved and they began bringing their music to the foreground by infusing their soundscapes with a pop sensibility.

Their latest album The Theory Of Nine is a fantastic effort that I find myself enjoying quite a lot, as I seem to discover something new every time I listen to it. The Theory Of Nine is a picturesque soundscape of moody and vibrant melodies and beats. Kylmyys manage to create progressive electronic music that doesn’t lock human element and never feels over-produced.


The band achieves a perfect balance in combining acoustic instruments and electronic beats to create complex sound. With deep dominant bass and a lot of downtempo moments, the album is certainly on a darker side. From the opening track “The Theory Of Nine” the band sets rather heavy ambience that slowly unfolds with textural complexity and intense moodiness. The band adds a great deal of diverse elements that make listening to this album an interesting and rewarding experience.




Have a listen! Chances are, you will enjoy it as much as I do.






Label: Automation Records