field studies'

It’s summer in New York, a really hot one. I have no idea what this summer’s music hits are and I can’t be bothered to find out. I am pretty sure it’s some catchy annoying pop stuff. Instead, I am listening to some of the submissions we’ve received in the past few months (thank you!) hoping to find some new songs to enjoy on this oppressively hot evening and to share with you of course.

Luckily, I don’t have to look too long to find something pleasing for my ears and yours.

Field Studies is an alternative rock 4-piece from Nottingham, UK. Their latest EP Rainmaking was released earlier this year and it’s a perfect jam for a hot summer night.

The EP opens with a track that has a lot of elements that I love: beautiful melody, mild distortion, lyrical honesty and sincere delivery. “Hushed Up” starts with a soundscape through which Chris Bailey’s vocals make their way into a sound that grows more solid as a song progress with firm riffs and melodies. At times his vocals sound almost trembling, amplifying the emotional aspect of the song.



The EP moves flawlessly in a beautiful sonic exploration in which haziness gives way to firmness and vice versa. Elements of psych rock and math rock bind seamlessly creating a full sound with a bit of complexity to keep the listener interested.



Pour yourself a cold one, turn the AC up, sit back and enjoy Rainmaking.

The band is touring in the UK this October so if you are there, go check them out. I bet they jam hard.