The Yellow Traffic Light is a psych-shoegaze band from Turin, Italy. The band consists of Lanotte Jacopo (guitar and vocals), Lorenzo Avataneo ( bass and vocals), Luca Chiorra (drums), and Federico Mariani (guitar and keyboards). In November 2014 The Yellow Traffic Light released their debut EP Dreamless. The band dwells heavily on fuzzy psych groves […]

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Fat White Family


The world of London based Fat White Family is bizarre and intriguing. Imagine an interaction with some  secret society on a gloomy winter night, when the moonlight is your only source of light. You start to freak yourself out, as time seems to move slower than usual, you are wondering how you got there and how to […]

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The Night Jars


The Night Jars’ music seems to come from a dark and personal place. There is a sense of urgency and despair in the band’s sound especially their lyrics. With guitar distortion, vibrant drumming, and synths, The Night Jars have created a dark atmospheric sound delivering lyrics without lacking confidence or emotional power. Their latest 2-track […]

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Candy Warpop // Interview


We talked to psychedelic punk-art outfit Candy Warpop about their music, creative process, living in Las Vegas, and working with one of our favorite visual artist Sonny Kay.   iamnotamusician: How would you describe your sound to someone who has never listened to your music? Amy Pate (Vocals/Guitar): Our music blends various elements of dark-psychedelic […]

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Zula’s debut album This Hopeful is abstract, confident, and a gratifying experience opening with mild distortion and noise setting the mood for what is to come.   Zula’s sound is airy but it never lacks structure. Every track is texturally complex and multilayered, but feels effortlessness. While Zula’s music is full of beautiful melodies and vibrant beats, the band […]

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Candy Warpop

candy warpop

Amy Pate is the vocalist of, Las Vegas based band, Candy Warpop. Her voice is strong, confident and edgy, and her vocal range and enthusiasm make her an excellent front-woman. Those of you who’ve been to Las Vegas probably know that this place seriously lacks soul. With everything Las Vegas doesn’t have to offer, Candy Warpop are operating […]

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