Manatee Commune


Samples of car keys giggling, a hand rustling in leaves, and footsteps on the pavement. Grant Eadie is Manatee Commune he makes loops from everyday occurrences and those found in nature. He prefers the instrumental style of classical music, having been classically trained himself and would rather use the human voice solely as an instrument rather […]

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Finally an emergence of sounds I’ve desperately been waiting to hear more of. Electronic and Classical. Yes! It makes perfect sense to me. From NY, by way of Connecticut sisters Anna and Catherine Wolk are VERDIGRLS. They released their debut EP Heartbreak Hour a couple of months ago, and I am deeply sorry I was late to the […]

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This is intensely introspective and full of subdued passion. Violet’s vocals are full and weighty, with an operatic tinge that perfectly weaves in and around each piano chord in the opening of How The Mighty, her debut track. It is simply beautiful.     Richly layered with orchestral exuberance and minimal electronic sound waves, this […]

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Plastic Mermaids have come out with their debut track called Polaroids and it ain’t half bad. It’s a heartfelt number featuring a crescendo of piano and strings. It’s a classically inspired track that you would think is contradictory to the faltering vocals, but somehow it all works. With a little electronic sampling, and a great story I think we have a strong debut. We want […]

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