Snöhamn // Stjärnvandra


Swedish post-rock collective Snöhamn has graced us with yet another brilliant release.   Their second EP Stjärnvandra is an ambient sonic bliss that instantly transforms the listener into a beautiful place where nothing seems to exist, but music.Their latest effort is cinematic and emotional, at times mellow and at times forceful, but always perfectly balanced and […]

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Kylmyys // The Theory Of Nine


  Seattle, WA based Kylmyys began as an ambient electronic duo providing background music for art galleries. Over time Kylmyys’ sound evolved and they began bringing their music to the foreground by infusing their soundscapes with a pop sensibility. Their latest album The Theory Of Nine is a fantastic effort that I find myself enjoying […]

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Tiny Victories


When you watch Tiny Victories they push a lot of buttons, tweak dials and hammer on foot pedals. No live guitars here, but plenty of drums, synths, samples and most importantly Feeeelings. According to their Twitter profile Tiny Victories are from Gnarlyville. I just happen to know where that is, Brooklyn, baby! We are embarrassed to […]

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Silvery Ghosts


Inspired by the music’s haunting, ethereal quality, NYC-based singer/songwriter Hank Kim decided to release his latest album under the name Silvery Ghosts. The result is a sonically striking LP called “Love and Other Ephemera” that blends modern electronic music with traditional acoustic instruments like piano, guitar, and the saz–a long-necked, 7-stringed lute used throughout the […]

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The name Jettison Tape, Dave Fischoff explains, “comes from an old habit of mine. When I lived in the Midwest, I used to scour the cassette bins in thrift stores, digging for old tapes that looked homemade and might have interesting audio on them. Much of what I found were recorded bits of other people’s […]

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